CaCO3 Super powder

Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCo3) in Vietnam.
Best Calcium Carbonate white marble stone mines of Vietnam lie in its northern provinces with highest concentration in Yen Bai .
Calcium Carbonate Powder are used as input materials and ingredients in terms of base material and filler for various industries and industrial applications such as:
1. Production of Paints, Papers, Plastics, and Coating Materials
2. Production of Medicinal industry and Food.
3. Production of Construction Materials.

We have employed the most advanced and modern technology installed by HOSOKAWA – ALPINE GERMANY in probing, exploiting, producing the raw materials and putting in our production line. It is mother nature who gives us the best stone mines in the world and our well-equipped factories and well trained workers that make all these hidden granted values possible to our customers.

Quality Commitment



Besides, we also supply other sizes meeting your own standard.


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Our CaCo3 Yen Bai Factory has material resource that is exploited from Mong Son limestone quarry – Yen Bai Province with a big reserve. This white limestone is pure special one with CaCo3 content of more than 98.5 % along with high degree of whiteness and brightness upto more than 98% which has been valued as the best raw material in Vietnam and South West Asia by the local and foreign specialists. It has chemical and physical compositions that meet specifications of various industries. With a full automatic & most advanced production line equipped by HOSOKAWA – ALPINE – GERMANY, we make high quality and most stable products which are met strictest customer demands.


Chip form
Raw limestone is selected and sorted out from the assembly area in quarry under close supervising of the factory Quality and Inspection Staff (QIS), and then transported to the factory’s material Yard. In this area, the QIS repeats selecting and sorting out process to ensure the most qualified input material. The material is then fed into bunker via a vibration feeder. After the limestone is crushed into an average size of 10-40 mm, it will be moved into the vibrating screens for sorting out the most suitable size. The vibrating screens are installed in layers with various hole dimentions to sort out the product sizes as required by particular customers.



Uncoated powder and Coated powder by Stearic acid
Uncoated powder
With a full automatic & top modern production line installed by HOSOKAWA – ALPINE – GERMANY to make superfine powder products with a best and stable quality.
Coated powder by Stearic acid
Fine powder after checking will be conveyed to the feeder for coating system. The uncoated product will go through the mixer, heating, steering system to be coated by a thin aliphatic acid and then go through the circulation filter to make the required powder.

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